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The CSU Music Library

The CSU Music Library

History: Spring 2000 - Winter 2002

Exterior construction - Clock Tower
Exterior construction - Entrance

The Music Dept, designated a School of Music by the Georgia Board of Regents in 2001, along with a brand new music library, opened to the public at the RiverCenter on January 8, 2001, though the facility was still under construction.

Construction photos from the Summer 2000

Interior construction - Computer Area
Interior construction - Library Service Desk
Interior construction - Stacks Area

At the 2001 opening, the RiverCenter lobby & Music Library were originally painted blue with green carpet, no furnishings or crown molding, etc. All doors were solid blue with no windows.

Lobby looking toward the Music Library
Lobby looking toward the Music Library and exterior doors
Lobby looking toward the Dept. of Music (Library is to the right)