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The CSU Music Library

The CSU Music Library

History: Challenges - Before and After

Most of the shelving and furniture pieces were delivered in early October 2001 and the installation process began mid-month. Library staff began boxing and transferring the collection from the main library on a daily basis as the installation process progressed. The entire music collection was moved and shelved by December 2001. The music library was open for business throughout the entire process.

Staff workroom housing media collection

The staff workroom houses the media collection …

Staff workroom

… as well as staff printers and storage areas

What was originally designed to be the Librarian's office became the Periodical Reading Room. This room is accessible from the reference area near the front of the library.

Keyboard lab

An entrance to the School of Music Keyboard Lab is accessible from within the library.

Periodical Reading Room construction

The Periodical Reading Room during construction

Completed Periodical Reading Room

The Periodical Reading Room after construction

Because the Librarian's office became the Periodical Reading Room, the room originally designated as media storage became the Librarian's office. It is located near the service desk.

Exterior the Librarian's office

the exterior of the Librarian's office

Interior of the Librarian's office

the interior of the Librarian's office